As we work to improve our town we must consider the impact of our decisions on all our residents and visitors, including seniors, children, those with disabilities, immigrants and those who do not have enough resources to meet their needs.  

Our town should strive for sustainability, to reduce our impact on the planet and our contribution to climate change.

It is important to focus on equity & inclusion to ensure everyone including marginalized groups are treated with respect and dignity, and can participate fully in our community.   

Equity & Inclusion


We should ensure that all Brookline residents are treated with respect, dignity, and can participate fully in our community including access to our town government structures and decision-making.

We must prioritize and embed racial equity across all our town policies, services and programs.  


I support the Town doing robust community engagement to marginalized groups.


One of Town Meeting's important responsibilities is reviewing and passing the Town budget.  Our budget process needs to be more accessible and inclusive to residents that want to make budget requests.

As we begin to recover from COVID, I support the ability of the Town to continue remote participation in meetings to build on the unprecedented level of attendance at various town meetings and committees during COVID.  Remote access allows those with caregiving and work responsibilities more opportunity to participate in our town structures.

Affordable Housing


Everyone has a right to safe and affordable housing.

Join me in voting this election for the Community Preservation Act, to provide additional funds for affordable housing, open space and historic preservation.

The town is about to embark on creating a new Housing Production Plan. This process must include deep community engagement and input from many stakeholders with special effort to include the input of marginalized groups. 

We should proactively look for opportunities to increase and maintain affordable housing through partnership with the Brookline Housing Authority, non-profit housing developers and creative use of town land and revenue streams. 

Senior Services 


Seniors are 20% of Brookline's population, and they rely on the town for many essential services. The needs of seniors need to be centered in town planning.

We should fully fund the Senior Center and provide funds for needed senior-focused social services as we recover from COVID-19.

We should assist seniors who are struggling with food insecurity.


As we update our streets and sidewalks, we should ensure that the accessibility and mobility needs of our seniors are taken into account.

Climate & Sustainability


There are many steps we can take that can increase our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.

Install solar panels on town buildings, including our schools.

Electrify the town's vehicle fleet and increase the availability of EV charging stations around town.

Add incentives to the building permitting process to foster low-impact construction and renovation.

Support state legislation to allow the implementation of our fossil fuel restrictions.

Create policies to support walking, biking, and the use of public transportation.

Welcoming Immigrants 


Brookline is blessed to be a home for people from all over the world.  


Walk down Brookline streets or visit to a playground and you're likely to hear two, three, or four languages spoken.

We need policies that welcome and support our immigrant neighbors, especially those who are low- and moderate-income or otherwise marginalized.

Excellent & Inclusive Schools

Brookline schools should live up to our aspirations and our children's dreams.

Every student — regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, class, learning differences, disabilities — should feel safe, well taught, and respected.

Hiring, supporting, and retaining educators and administrators of color must be a priority.

We should empower our teachers' and students' creativity and move away from overly rigid curriculum mandates.

We should continue to support METCO.