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About Naomi


I'm a Brookline resident, current Town Meeting Member, a Pierce School parent, and a non-profit and government consultant working to address homelessness.

I've lived in Brookline for sixteen years with my family, in the Griggs Park neighborhood between Coolidge Corner and Washington Square. I've been a Town Meeting Member since 2013.

In addition to serving as a Town Meeting Member, I was a member of town's Kent-Station Street Senior Affordable Housing Committee.


At Pierce School I served on the School Site Council for three years and I am an active member of Pierce FLARE (Families Leading to Advance Racial Equity).

In my professional capacity, I work with communities and states supporting their efforts to end homelessness and to provide affordable housing and services.  Over the last two years I have worked with HUD and states to protect people experiencing homelessness from COVID-19.  

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